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Mother-daughter on TLC's Something Borrowed, Something New TV show
Ansley Evans Britton and Bobby Britton - photo by Submitted Photo

Local stage director, actress and now mother-of-the-bride Cyndi Evans, along with her daughter, Ansley Evans Britton, found a solution to a bridal dress conundrum via The Learning Channel's "Something Borrowed, Something New."

In 1948, Evans' grandmother, Mary Ansley, had sewn her mother, Bim Meyer, a wedding dress made from Japanese satin her uncle brought back from WWII. In 1976, Evans wore the dress to wed husband, Vince. When Ansley, now assistant athletic director at Locust Grove's Luella H.S., became engaged to fellow '98 RCHS grad Bobbie Britton, golf pro at Herron Bay in McDonough, she hoped to don the matriarchal gown. Unfortunately, the dress, in addition to weighing 25 pounds, didn't quite fit the former gymnast's shoulders.

Fresh off a two-year world travel stint - working at an orphanage in Africa and sheep farm in Australia - Ansley was undaunted by a dress hiccup. She told her mother she had seen a new show on TLC centered on re-purposing "borrowed" dresses, but also giving the bride "new" dress options. After a Skype interview, mother and daughter booked the show and were L. A. bound, dress in tow.

Evans says they met with the show's designer, Kelly Nishimoto, and stylist, Sam Saboura, who listened to Ansley's vision - she planned a summer outdoor wedding in Jekyll Island. Then, one host reworked the gown while the other whisked her away to a bridal salon to choose a new dress. Pot-boiling fun ensued when the bride had to choose between the two. Tune in to learn the outcome - Evans and Ansley are both keeping mum for now.

Their episode of "Something Borrowed, Something New" will air Friday, February 21, 10 p.m. on The Learning Channel.