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More Memories of Brian Mahaffey
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It is hard to tell about the good times with my nephew Brian Mahaffey. There are so many.

Like the time we were on the way to the mall, and we pulled up beside a car. Brian would pretend he was trying to out run the car. He put his arms up like he was really running. The person in the car would look over and we would all start to laugh. I'm going to miss all the shopping trips just to go down the toy isle to watch Trenton play and get a new toy.

You were truly a great dad. You would sit in the recliner and watch Trenton with your shoes bobbing off your feet just to give Trenton the enjoyment of taking them off for you. I enjoyed all the times we got together to go get something to eat. You would call my sister, "Mom, I'm hungry," and then off we go, trying to figure out where and what to eat.

I love you and miss you, Brian. You are a true hero. Rest in peace. Love you.
- Aunt Candy Thompson

One day my family was eating with Brian and Trenton at Los Charros - it was Brian's favorite place to eat. After we got done eating, my aunt and my mom were talking off and on. Brian was really in the mood to fish and he asked my aunt if she would watch Trenton so he could take her car and go fishing. She said "Sure." He asked me and my brother, Josh, if we would like to go fish with him. We said "Sure."

We took the car seat out into to my mother's car if she wanted to go some place. He took us to his house first, so he could get his fishing poles and his toolboxes. Then, we were on our way there.

There was a golf course right next to it so we had to wait a little bit so that we wouldn't get hit by golf balls. Josh caught the first fish and Brian caught the second fish. Josh kept on catching fish like he was a pro. After 6 p.m. my aunt, my mom, and Trenton came. Brian caught the next fish so that Trenton could see a really big fish. Brian let Trenton touch the fish. Trenton said "Ewwwww!"
Then, everybody left, except Brian and me. He told my aunt we weren't leaving till I caught a fish. About 30 minutes later, in the dark, he said "We need to go home." So he caught a fish for me on my pole and took my picture with it and sent it to my aunt and my mom. That was my last time I went fishing with Brian.
- Cousin Brittany Thompson