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Moral Courage
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: For weeks now, much of Rockdale County has debated Jonny Brown’s unfortunate "Little White Plane" story in the newspapers and through social media. The only official Republican response was a flippant statement denying the obvious: this story is racist. The entire episode, from the story itself to the dismissive reaction by the GOP leadership, is troubling not just to Democrats, but a majority of Republicans, I believe. During the 2012 campaign the local GOP candidates tirelessly reached out to every group in our community like never before seen in Rockdale County. Each of those candidates and many of their supporters believed the county was on the cusp of a new era of inclusive government and positive race relations. Despite the election loss, the goodwill that was established during the campaign could have continued, but has been thwarted by Mr. Brown’s poor behavior. This is especially tragic for the pastors, civic leaders, business owners, and everyday citizens in the African-American community who supported a Republican candidate. Jonny Brown has departed from the noble work of the former candidates and humiliated those who risked their reputations to support them. 

Rockdale County is diverse in its people and their ideas. Thus, the only positive way to move forward is for each of us to reexamine how we think, talk and act regarding our differences. We, as the rank and file, need our leaders to bring us together where we agree and demonstrate respect when we disagree. Mr. Brown has discredited himself as a public official - his continued presence taints the decisions of the Board of Elections and acts as a scar of shame on our county and the Rockdale GOP. Mr. Brown should resign and if he refuses, the members of our party should have the moral courage to challenge his continued involvement. 


Ian Caraway

Private Citizen and Rockdale GOP member