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Man on the Street - Mother's Day edition
Honey Creek third graders Hannah Reeves and Lilly Her. - photo by Jessica Smith

We asked, "What is the best advice your mother gave you?"

Here's some of your replies:

Honey Creek third grader Hannah Reeves said her mother tells her to work together and share.

Lilly Her said her mother advises her to work hard and be patient.

Megan Hilleboe with daughter Hannah, 7, said her mother Peggy McGovern advised her to never, ever give up.

Tracy Williams with daughter Addyson, 6, said the best advice her mother, Theresa Tucker, gave her was always be strong and confident and stand up for what you believe in.

Honey Creek third grade teacher Andi Allen said her mother Brenda always encouraged her to get an education and not let anything hold her back.

Honey Creek third grader Troy Parrish said his mother Cyndi advises him to focus.