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Man charged for dogfighting in Conyers
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Police charged a Stone Mountain man with animal cruelty after observing him allow pitbull dogs to fight and seeing video footage of other similar incidents.

Ladell Antwine Dobbin, 29, was arrested Oct. 14.

Conyers Police were called to a Pinedale Circle home around 1:50 p.m. after an anonymous caller reported dogs were fighting. When they arrived, according to police reports, they were allowed into the house by a female occupant, who waved towards the back of the house when asked about the dogs. 

At the back of the house, the officers saw a black pitbull being held down by a white pitbull.

"The white dog had the black dog by its throat and was continuously gnawing at the dog's throat," wrote the reporting officer. "A black male, later identified as Ladell Dobbins, was standing approximately 3-5 feet away watching. At the time he was not making any effort to separate the dogs."

A few seconds later, Dobbins separated the dogs. By that time, the white dog had blood over its mouth and the black dog was "breathing very laborously and it was bleeding heavily around the neck area."

Animal Control officers took the black dog from the scene and said they had received several complaints of loose dogs and fighting dogs from that residence and had video footage of such incidents. 

Conyers Police officers viewed the clips, which showed that "the white dog was mauling the black dog and Ladell was seen on the clip watching the dogs as they fought."

Dobbins was placed under arrest for animal cruelty and taken to the Rockdale County jail.