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Man arrested after hold up, shoot out with deputy
Ryan O'Neil Cameron
 A Rockdale County man is in custody after attempting to hold up a deputy and exchanging gunfire shortly after midnight on Sunday morning.

Ryan O'Neil Cameron, 19, was standing in the grass on the corner of Farmer Road and Rockbridge Road dressed in all black and wearing black gloves when a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputy noticed him, according to RCSO spokesperson Lt. Myra Pearrell. The deputy pulled up to Cameron, rolled his window down, and asked him if he had any identification. Cameron said he did not.

The deputy the reached into his passenger seat to pick up his note pad, and when he looked up, Cameron was standing at his window with a semi-automatic pistol pointing at the deputy.

The suspect then told the deputy to put up his hands and get out of the car. Outside the car, the suspect instructed the deputy to keep his hands up and start walking towards a grassy area near the wood line.

When the deputy got some distance between himself and the suspect, he drew his weapon, turned, and fired. The suspect also fired and the two exchanged several shots, striking the windshield of the patrol car. The suspect then fled on foot.

A search was conducted by deputies and police officers. The suspect was reportedly located in an old chicken coop on a nearby property a short time later by a Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit. After a brief standoff, he surrendered without further incident.

No one was injured in the incident.

"The deputy was very lucky he didn't get shot," said Sheriff Jeff Wigington.

"Hopefully we'll go for a long time and not have any more problems. I don't know if we could tie it to any trend or anything like that."

Cameron faces charges of aggravated assault, kidnapping, possession of a knife or firearm in the commission of a felony, probation violation, and interference with government property. There is no currently known connection to other crimes or gang connections, according to Pearrell.

He is being held without bond.