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Make a splash!

Take a break from fireworks and go cool off in Zoo Atlanta’s brand new Splash Fountain! Look, it’s hotter than the surface of the sun out there, and even the animals at the zoo are going to be lounging in hammocks, eating twigs, and hiding in bamboo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip out to the zoo anyway. You can totally check out the animals (maybe), but you can also play in this new interactive water feature. Well, you probably can’t, but your kids can! It’s in the KIDZone area, which means around the merry-go-round (you can ride that, it’s lovely). There are 18 water jets with LED light effects on each one and it’s totally free with admission. It should be; it costs enough to go to the zoo. But cost aside, it’s worth it. I love the zoo, and I would assume that you could also play in the splash fountain under the guise of being a concerned parent. That’s what I would do.


Price: Free with zoo admission