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Lorraine Elementary student's pencils project wins Elmer's award

Lorraine Elementary fourth-grader Pete Benson was one of three students recognized nationally by Elmer's Glue for his project, Pencils from Pete. Over 50,000 pencils were collected for students in Kenya, Ghana, Romania, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, as well as local students in Rockdale and Newton counties.

Elmer's Dr. Melissa Hughes, along with their mascot, Bull, visited Benson at school on Tuesday to present the Elmer Award in person. "Pete's project resonated with us because it was so simple and doable. Sometimes those are the best. It was a very simple idea by a very special boy."

Benson began his campaign a year ago after a conversation with his mother, Jenny, about her experience on a Kenyan mission trip. When he realized what a precious commodity something he took for granted was to many students around the world, Benson was determined to do something. He established collection points around the community and approached businesses for donations. With his mother's help, a Facebook page was created to attract more donations. 

Program Challenge lead teacher Diane Swann nominated Benson for the Elmer Award. Hughes said the award's goal was to recognize kids who make the world a better place.