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Local students pledge to be drug-free
Schools participate in Red Ribbon Week activities
CMS-red-ribbon-week-decades-day---6th-grade-teacher-Paula-Evans-Jennifer-Toney-Jody-Poitevient-Shanee-McDaniel-IMG 8975
CMS sixth grade teachers Paula Evans, Jennifer Toney, Jody Poitevient, Shanee McDaniel, dressed up for Decades Day - photo by Alena Cowley

Red Ribbon Week 2013
Barksdale Elementary
Oct. 24: Wear Red Day
Oct. 25: Wear Running Shoes Day 
Oct. 28: Wear Pajama Day
Oct. 29: Wear School Colors Day
Oct. 30: Wear Blue Day
CJ Hicks Elementary
Oct. 21: Wear yellow, “Hope for a drug-free life”
Oct. 22: Hat Day, “Hats off to drugs”
Oct. 23: Wear a tie, “Tie one on against drugs”
Oct. 24: Crazy Sock Day, “Sock it to drugs”
Oct 25: Wear red and brush off drugs – New hairbrushes and toothbrushes collected and donated to a local charity.
Flat Shoals Elementary
Oct. 21: “Show your school colors” (wear yellow, gold, and green)
Oct 22: “Sock it to Drugs Day” (wear red or crazy socks)
Oct. 23: “Just say no to drugs” (wear as much red as possible)
Oct. 24: “Tie one on against drugs” (wear a tie or bow)
Oct. 25: “Count on me to be drug-free Spirit Day” (wear Flat Shoals Elementary school shirt, or College or Team shirt)
Hightower Trail Elementary
Oct. 23: “Turn your back on bullying and drugs,” (wear shirts backwards)
Oct. 24: “Give bad choices the boot” (wear boots)
Oct. 25: “Hugs not drugs,” (bring favorite huggable stuffed friend)
Oct. 28: “Drug-Free Day” (wear red)
Oct. 29: “Team trailblazers stand for healthy choices,” (wear team jersey)
Oct. 30: “My Future is Fantastic,” (wear career clothes)
JH House Elementary
The school will have daily spirit wear, participation contests, a “Why I Choose to Be Drug Free,” writing contest, daily news broadcasts about the purpose of Red Ribbon Week, and news broadcasts about natural highs, healthy activities that offer great joy and pleasure.
Lorraine Elementary
Oct. 21: “Put your thinking caps on and be healthy and drug-free,” (Wear hats)
Oct. 22: “An apple a day keeps you healthy and drug-free,” (Wear red and bring in apple snacks. Apples served during lunch)
Oct. 23: “A healthy me is drug-free when I exercise,” (Wear work out clothes)
Oct. 24: “Be a “Jeanuis” and stay healthy and be drug-free,” (Wear jeans)
Oct. 25: “A healthy me will knock out drugs,” (Wear pajamas)
Pine Street Elementary
Oct. 21: “Sock it to drugs,” (Wear crazy/mismatched socks)
Oct. 22: “Put a cap on drugs,” (Wear hats/caps)
Oct. 23: “Too successful to use drugs,” (Dress in professional attire)
Oct. 24: “Team up against drugs,” (Wear jerseys or sweat shirts from favorite sports team)
Oct. 25: “We are RED-y to battle drugs,” (Wear jeans and red shirts)
Students also participated in a door decorating/bulletin board contests among kindergarten through second grade students and a contest among third grade through fifth grade students. Winners will be announced Oct. 29.
Shoal Creek Elementary
The school celebrated Wellness Week by focusing on one dimension every day of the week.
Oct. 21:  Social Dimension—Wear blue to encourage positive behaviors.
Oct. 22: Emotional Dimension—Each student received a sticker to wear their emotions on their sleeve.   
Oct. 23: Physical Dimension—Wear pink to celebrate cancer survivors and cancer research during this Cancer Prevention month.
Oct. 24: Intellectual Dimension—Bring a quote about being the best you can be when you are in school.   
Oct. 25: Spiritual Dimension—Dress as your goal career or the person who has inspired you to meet your goals.
Sims Elementary
The school celebrated drug awareness and bullying prevention under the theme, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully or Do Drugs.”
Oct. 23: “Join the fight against drugs,” kickoff – wear school spirit and camouflage apparel.
Oct. 24: Put A Cap on Drugs Day - wear interesting caps.
Oct. 25: “Team up against drugs,” - wear favorite team jersey and jeans.
Oct. 28: “Drugs and I don’t mix,” - wear mismatched (tacky) clothes.
Conyers Middle
Oct. 21– Tacky Day – "Doing drugs is tacky"
Oct. 22 – Twin Day – "Born to be Drug Free"
Oct. 23 – Spirit Day – Black Out or Red Out Day
Oct. 24 – Decades Day – "Users are Losers" Students create and perform skits during first period.
Oct. 25 - Sports Day/Hat Day - "Team Up Against Drugs"
Davis Middle
Oct. 28: “Hair’s to a drug-free life,” (wear crazy hair)
Oct. 29: “Stomp out drugs,” (wear mismatched shoes)
Oct. 30: “Show good character,” (dress like favorite book character)
Oct. 31: “Put a cap on drugs,” (wear an interesting hat)
Nov. 1: “Follow your dreams,” (wear pajamas) 
Edwards Middle
Oct. 21 - Tacky Day – “Doing drugs is tacky” (wear mix matched, tacky clothing)
Oct. 22 - Hat Day – “Put a cap on drugs”
Oct. 23 - Spirit Day – (wear red)
Oct. 24 - Twin Day – “Born to be drug-free”
Oct. 25 - Sports Day –“Be on a drug-free team,” (wear favorite team jersey)
Memorial Middle
Oct. 28: history of Red Ribbon Week activity in first period
Oct. 29: “Doing drugs is shady,” (wear favorite sunglasses)                   
Oct. 30: “Team up against drugs,” (wear favorite sports or college jersey or shirt)                     
Oct. 31: “Say boo to drugs,” (wear tacky, freaky clothes)
Oct. 25: “Put a cap on drugs,” (students wear a cap or hat)
Heritage High
Oct. 21 – “We want to be a good influence,” (wear a matching outfit with another person)
Oct. 22 – “We are wild about being drug-free,” (wear animal print)
Oct. 23 – “Doing drugs is tacky,” (wear tacky outfits)
Oct. 24 – “We’re sleeping on drugs,” (wear pajamas)
Oct. 25 – “We’re drug-free,” (wear red and sign pledge)
Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology
Oct. 23: Red shirt day – wear red
Oct. 24: Sign drug-free pledge
Oct. 25: Red Ribbon Day – students receive red ribbons from members of Teens in the Driver’s Seat
Oct. 28: Anti-smoking campaign
Oct. 30: “Lick the drugs and alcohol goodbye,” students receive red lollipops from members of Teens in the Driver’s Seat
Oct. 31: “Say boo to drugs,” students participate in anti-drug poster contest. Winner will be announced Oct. 31.
Salem High
SHS student government and Students Against Drunk Driving will host “Celebrate My Drive,” along with Red Ribbon Week.
Oct. 21 – “Drugs and Life Don’t Mix” (Mix and Match Day)
Oct. 22 – Twin Day
Oct. 23 – “Show good character - Don’t Start,” (Character Day) also a seatbelt check
Oct. 24 – “Throw out drugs and alcohol,” (Throwback Thursday) Students will also have a chance to experience driving under the influence by wearing goggles while riding a tricycle.
Oct. 25 – “Students with spirit don’t use drugs and alcohol,” (Spirit Friday) Mock car wreck display
Oct. 28 – Jersey Day
Oct. 29 – “Put a cap on drugs,” (Hat Day)
Oct. 30 – Gender-Bender Day
Oct. 31 – “Black Out drugs,” (Black Out Day)
Rockdale Career Academy
Oct. 24 and Oct. 25:  “Blue Shirt Day” (stomp out bullying and anti-drug awareness combination)
Oct. 28 and Oct. 29: “Pledge Day” (sign drug-free pledge)
Oct. 30 and Oct. 31: “Sock it to Drugs Day” (wear crazy socks)
Alpha Academy
Oct. 21: “Pledge to Be Drug Free” (sign pledge)
Oct. 22: “N.E.R.D. Day - Never Ever Reaching Drugs” (dress like a nerd)
Oct. 23: “Hats off to those who are drug-free” (wear caps)
Oct. 24: “My team is drug-free” (wear jersey)
Oct. 25: “Be Heroic! Don’t do drugs” (dress as a super hero)
Open Campus
Oct. 21: “Everyone Counts Day,” (wear jerseys or shirts with numbers to show that everyone is valued)
Oct. 22: “Multiples Day,” (dress like twins or multiples to show that we are more alike than we are different)
Oct. 23: “Be Comfortable Day,” (wear sweats to show you are comfortable with who you are)
Oct. 24: “Einstein Day,” (wear bright colors to show how smart you are and that you have a bright future ahead of you.)


Public school students across Rockdale County are donning mismatched socks, crazy hats, and all the red they can find this week and next week in celebration of Red Ribbon Week.

National Red Ribbon Week officially started yesterday and is going through Oct. 31.

Local schools will be participating in activities through this week and next week.

Of the activities, Memorial Middle School is planning a balloon blast-off Oct. 25 where red balloons printed with "100% Me Drug Free," will be released in the air. Balloons are being sold for 50 cents each.

Students at C.J. Hicks Elementary will collect new hairbrushes and toothbrushes Oct. 25 to donate to charity for their "Wear Red and Brush Off Drugs," day.

Members of Teens in the Driver's Seat will pass out red lollipops to Heritage High School students Oct. 30, as part of the day's "Lick the Drugs and Alcohol Goodbye," theme.