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Letters to the Editor
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Board of Elections

Dear Editor: Even a casual periodic observer would conclude the continuing source of conflict exposed on CH23 is the Rockdale County BOC.

Remember: The complete deletion of segments of BOC presentation during the first year of operations of CH 23?
The admission of intended differing of documented citizen input for development of Rockdale County?

The intentional avoidance of citizen preference document for citizen imputed for Rockdale County Ethics Committee?
Stripping support of the effective development of CH 23 via deleting staff while adding additional responsibilities and changing names to identify CH 23?

The verbal game being played by the Board of Elections to attempt concealment of the above, the impact of ethnicity, special interests and political party preference in the mixture?

What say you, informed voters with inquiring minds?
How much will even the MIA (missing in action) voter accept in the apparent attempt by the Board of Elections to confuse and mislead rather than educate and inform for their best interest of all citizens of Rockdale County.
Lewis Belcher
Rockdale County