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Letter to the Editor: On Courtney Dillard
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Dear Editor: Mr. Courtney Dillard is the Democratic candidate for the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners. In 1999, Mr. Dillard was summoned to appear for service on the Rockdale County Grand Jury. Not only did Mr. Dillard not show up for court duty, like everyone else in the county is supposed to do, but he ignored multiple contacts by the court. He was later arrested by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office and spent some time in jail.

Mr. Dillard showed complete contempt to Chief Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation, someone long known and respected in the county.

Mr. Dillard showed complete contempt for his civic duty of serving on a court jury, something many people in other countries can only dream of.

But the biggest level of contempt is toward me in that Mr. Dillard dares to ask me to vote him into the highest office in the county. How dare he ask for my vote after he was arrested for skipping jury duty. How dare he ask for my vote after showing complete disregard for the county's laws. What other behaviors of Mr. Dillard can I discover?