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Letter: Statement from DJ Asante on behalf of the Mays Family
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Editor's Note: The civil case between Charles K. Mays, Sr., the Mays family and Rodney Scott, referenced below, took place in Rockdale County Magistrate Court on Nov. 5. The case was heard by DeKalb County Magistrate Court Judge Phyllis R. Williams who was sitting in for Rockdale's Magistrate judges. Rockdale's Magistrate Court judges recused themselves because the matter involved a judge sitting in the same circuit. Rodney Scott told The News in response to the letter below that he wanted to take the amount of rent he owed off the total that the Mays family was ordered to pay to Scott but that the two parties had not been able to come to an agreement on that.


Dear Editor: Notice: Terms of Use: You are authorized to publish this press release in unedited format and may use excerpts only if the whole unedited document is published. Use of any part or excerpt of this release/statement is an agreement, by you, to the terms of use of this release and the statements herein.


This statement is being written in reference to the news articles that have been published concerning Charles K. Mays, Sr., the Mays Family, and Mr. Rodney Scott. Our policy is not to comment on any pending litigation.

Opening: Paper Terrorism has arrived to Rockdale County and is in shameful form... Mr. Scott is a consort of a well known Federally indicted woman (Who allegedly swindled a Missouri elderly woman of almost one-half Million Dollars). The use of Complex extortion and Paper Terrorism are preferred tactics to defraud victims and force them to pay ransom or face ruin and countless suits.

Similar PAPER TERRORISM actions have come to the attention of The Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) and The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). These extortion specialists have used the cover of VICTIM to TERRORIZE and EXTORT many Georgia Public Officials since 2001. These action have been known to cost the effected Public Officials and County Tax Payers Tens of Thousands of Dollars; as they scramble to defend OUTRAGEOUS ACCUSATIONS and BOGUS law suits.

Court Orders: Mr. Scott was ordered by the Magistrate Court of Rockdale County to pay the Monthly rent due at 1501-c Pine Log Rd Conyers GA 30012. The Rockdale County Magistrate Judge stated, "You must pay for where you stay"... AND to this date Mr. Scott has yet to pay the rent as ordered. So in my capacity as Trustee and Attorney in fact for the Mays Family Trust I have lawfully entered a dispossessory action in the Magistrate Court of Rockdale County.

Court Appeals: The US Constitution, Georgia Constitution and our legal system give all people the right to free speech and protest. They also give all people, including Judges, the right to defend themselves by due process of law, which includes the right to appeal.

Charles Mays, Sr. strives to work in a professional manner, to provide service for, and in support of, the citizens of Rockdale County. He and his family are moving forward, in a manner that is completely in compliance with all laws, to be vindicated of these allegations that have been made against them; while fully defending and maintaining their honor and integrity...nothing more, and nothing less.

We ask for your understanding in the fact that, after this statement, there will be no additional statements made, concerning this particular matter, until it is fully resolved in the court.

Thank you,

D.J. Asante (Spokesman)
Trustee and Atorney In fact for the Mays Family Trust

Disclaimer (Post Script): For responses to Allegations made in the official capacity of Mr. Charles K. Mays, Sr. as a Rockdale County Employee and Probate Judge; please contact the Rockdale County Attorney Mr. M. Qader A. Baig, Esq. For Responses concerning any Criminal Allegations made please contact Attorney Gary Washington, Esq.