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Letter: Illegal immigration
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Dear Editor,

As we follow the trail of cowards in the Republican Senate and House this session more conservative Georgians are shaking their heads in astonishment.

First we have the Governor ask for confirmation of an avowed anti-illegal immigration enforcement official and then the dog pack (Senate and House GOP members) he runs with would not put on this November ballot the question shall we have English as the official language of Georgia.

And to add the ripe cherry on top the dog pack continues to help the illegals get temporary official driver's license. This allows for a whole host of free benefits they are NOT entitled to under any circumstance. Those are reserved for legal residents of Georgia. How hard is it to say it "No" to the open border voters.

The numbers of days remaining where Georgia is a red state are few. The flood of Democrats fleeing from their nearly bankrupt cities and states are headed here. Atlanta has been number one for four long years for these refugees of communities that are being destroyed with liberal agendas and budgets. The real joke here is that these refugees took all the tax dollars they could as city, county, state and federal workers and now abandon their responsibility to clean up their own mess and instead head here to instruct us on how to build successful communities.

The whole situation is a joke allowed to be played out by truly greedy GOP leaders. One of the sad elements is the reality of the unbelievable percent of out of work minority workers here who deserve these benefits and jobs! And worse yet is the minority young unemployment. These young men turn to crime and start life at an extreme disadvantage. Yet they all blindly follow their Democratic leadership. Why is their leadership allowing this to happen? Because the Democratic leaders are sacrificing their own legal voters in order to get the new illegals to vote for their party! This sad act is played out across this land day after day.

As for the GOP pack all I can say is you good old boys get all you can now cause soon enough the "new " crowd will not even let you have a shoe shine stand at your old Capitol.

Don Meyer
Rockdale County