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Letter: Heritage traffic
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Heritage traffic


Dear Editor: Any school day here in Rockdale county you can witness firsthand the rudeness and lack of community connection by parents who are picking up their special child at Heritage High.

You see they feel “they” are all-important because blocking Grenade Road from Highway 138 to the school entrance is okay with them every school-day afternoon. 

The trouble is there are no shoulders on either side to ease onto just steep ditches, and for all those Mercedes and BMWs — well, that just does not work out too well. 

So, on this road with a double yellow line (that means, in current law enforcement terms, “do not cross”), we who live or work in the area must just sit until school lets out in 20 minutes or so and the mommies can pick up their precious cargo. 

Meanwhile, some nearby homeowners try to cross the double line and race past this line of infantiles only to run head on into parents turning towards them on their drive home towards Highway 138. If it were not so seriously dangerous this would be a must-see for the fun of watching both cars or trucks weave and bob to miss each other.

I wonder how these same parents would feel if I went to their subdivision entrance and blocked it for 20-30 minutes each and every school day. I wonder if the sheriff or his new chief deputy, Scott Freeman, would then finally stop spending time on needless things like a change in uniforms and actually do his job and ticket the cars blocking Grenade Road on school days  

Now, you ask, “Where is our zone deputy on patrol each day?” Well, your guess is as good as mine. I have called for help and I expect to be abducted by aliens before this ever gets any attention. And yes, my wife and I have gone in front of the school board and the principal over the years and all we get is, “Gosh, I wish we could help.” The principal, Greg Fowler, told us that when the new addition on the north end was finished he would reroute the afternoon traffic and end the current dangerous logjam. Guess I better start wearing my aluminum hat to ward off those aliens because I think they are going to arrive before any solution to this growing rudeness by a select number of parents.     

So, when there is an injury or loss of life I guess I will hear from some lawyer asking me to help his widowed client. You bet I will help, and for free, Buster, because my letter and your calls will get nothing done until someone is forced to pay for common courtesy that existed in all the years before. 


Don Meyer

Rockdale County