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Letter: Fighting for Freedom, Part II
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There is a reason why the President is the only elected U.S. Official with a specified Oath of Office, written into the U.S. Constitution, within Article II, Section 1; and, it simply is "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Rather than honor his oath as President, he and many other career bureaucrats are constantly seeking a way to usurp the Constitution. They have no concept of duty, honor country and do not understand "illegal," as it applies within many governmental actions/directions. While our population continues to grow, we have fewer and fewer Americans. More and more citizens view themselves as part of some federally designated "protected class," and each wants a larger share of the shrinking pie. We are more divided racially, by gender and by income than ever before. The federal government distorts all true facts, data, etc. to make their actions look like they are solving issues and that things are better. Our prestige around the world is now laughable and the world's leaders know America is in trouble. Our enemies know we will no longer confront evil anywhere; and, that we no longer enforce our own laws.

Our current saving grace is the fact that we have 24 million living veterans, the First and Second Amendments, the majority of States make maximum use of the 10th Amendment and more States are willing to challenge the unlawful acts of the federal government. As a public speaker, I have for several years closed out my speaking with a statement that sums up everything my federal government hates about me (and you can substitute your race where I use "white") and it goes, "I am exceptional white Christian American, Bible toting, gun wielding, right wing extremist, and proud of it."

I am not advocating war in America; but, "The Arms we need to take up" is the fact that we must vote into office those individuals who believe in America's exceptionalism and that we are a stabilizing force in the world, the history of our greatness, the fact we were founded as a Christian nation, that we have many "war fronts" domestically and worldwide and must win them to survive; that "illegal" is just that, that the Constitution must be adhered to, that government should be of laws and not of men, that personal responsibility is reality, that free enterprise builds positive growth, that less government is better, that a hand-up is better than a hand-out, that energy independence is the future saving grace for America, that the 2nd Amendment keeps foreign and domestic governments honest, that the 10th Amendment allows for greater "everything" and that all the other positive "points" will allow for all freedoms that we take for granted.

Tommy Clack
Vietnam veteran