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Letter: A citizen regret and apology
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Dear Editor: I feel the need to apologize for, soliciting phone calls, hanging door knockers, and allowing some of the Slate of Eight (candidates) to post their posters on my property.  

I no longer feel it is necessary to have African Americans elected; it has to be the type of African American people we elect.  We have to elect people who are capable, knowledgeable, experienced,

Intelligent, and most of all with moral standards, integrity, respect and compassion for the people who put you there. Voting African American is not the cure.

There ae three leaders who I am very proud to have voted for, and assisted in some way for their position.

The Rockdale County Clerk of Court

The Rockdale County Sheriff

The Rockdale County Tax Commissioner

I would like to ask the former Probate Court judge to forgive me personally for not voting for her, even though deep down in my soul I knew it was wrong.  I had never met nor spoken to the person who has this position (currently) and has become a total embarrassment to us. I am so ashamed for not following my truth.

I will only vote for the person I feel is best for the position. Black, white, green, or purple, Democratic Republican or Independent.

My people have given their lives for the right to vote, and the struggle for these rights is still going on today.  We cannot cast our vote to the wind because of pigmentation of our skin.  It has to mean more,

Our lives matter, our community matters, and our future matters.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Voting African American is not the Cure.


Beverly Burden

Rockdale County