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Let's hear it for Japan!

How many of you have spent countless hours watching those amazing Japanese game shows that are dubbed (horribly) in English. If you deny ever having seeing such hilarity you are either lying or boring and need to remedy this immediately. Because I'm sweet, I'm going to tell you how! Go to Dad's Garage and see Samurai David Jr. and Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun Time Improv Show - it's a improv show based entirely on those amazing Japanese game shows, which means there will be things like karaoke flash mobs and disgusting challenges (like cheeseburger milkshakes). More than anything else there will be laughter and certainly a good time will be had by all, unless, of course you lack a sense of humor. This is absolutely adult comedy, so don't plan to make it a family affair with the kiddos. You can plan it, but they'll have to stay in the car and then they will hate you forever. It's best to avoid that drama for as long as possible.

Price: $14-$21

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