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Kidney: Looking for non-partisan leadership
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Dear Editor: A little over a month ago, the Board of Commissioners took up the approval of a cost overrun on an RWR contract. After watching the BOC debate this overrun and the eventual approval of it, I sent Chairman Oden an email asking him to put protocols in place to prevent overruns on BOC approved contracts in the future. Chairman Oden politely replied, "Thanks... Arthur we are working on corrective protocols to avoid this behavior and any other similar situated behaviors that violate our policies."

Last week, I sent the chairman a follow-up email asking if he had implemented the corrective protocols and if there was documentation of these corrective actions. To which he responded, "Yes, check with HR for documentation. Thank you for your ongoing concern with operational matters... Where were you 6 to 8 years ago when things were running wild and unchecked? I hope you are just as vigilant with you party's actions and behaviors, when they slander innocent individuals with racist remarks like Mr. Brown did publicly."

I was a bit surprised with this response.

Obviously, the chairman believes I'm a member the Republican Party. I am not! I'm a citizen who is concerned about the community I have invested in.

Oh, and I have expressed my concern about Mr. Brown's inappropriate and distasteful story. Believe me; my comments did not go over well with the GOP leadership. In fact, I was accused of being "Just like a Democrat." Again, I am not.

Wouldn't it be nice if the elected and non-elected leaders of Rockdale County would concern themselves less with the D's and the R's and more with the C's and the S's (Citizens and Stakeholders)? The election is over. It's time to put partisan politics aside and make Rockdale County a desirable place to live, work and play.

Arthur J. Kidney
Rockdale County