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KCRB measures community appearance

A group of Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful (KCRB) board members and volunteers hit the streets recently to conduct the annual Community Appearance Index to ensure the community is clean, green and thriving.

Designed by Keep America Beautiful (KAB), the Community Appearance Index helps assess the state of the community's appearance in regard to litter and other indicators. Affiliates such as KCRB then use the results to set goals and develop effective community improvement education programs to raise the awareness of litter prevention.

During the 2015 Community Appearance Index on July 16, five representatives from KCRB spent most of the day driving a predefined list of county and city roads to evaluate and rate for litter, graffiti, illegal signs, abandoned/junked vehicles, and outside storage. This year, the overall litter index average score for the community on a 1 to 4 scale, where one is virtually no litter and four equals extreme litter, was 1.38, which is improved from last year's average score of 1.54. In 2013, the average score was 1.40.

Completion of the Index is required annually for affiliates to achieve good standing with KAB. The national nonprofit suggests affiliates conduct the analysis at the same time each year to identify improvements needed and changes in litter conditions from the previous year.

KCRB continues to regularly enhance the health, safety and economic viability of Conyers and Rockdale County by empowering hundreds of local volunteers to take greater responsibility for litter prevention and cleanup, recycling, waste minimization and all forms of beautification and community improvement.

To learn more about KCRB volunteer opportunities, email or call 770-278-7052.