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Junkyard cars catch fire
junkyard-fire-horiz-IMG 4263

A recycling yard on Dogwood Drive caught on fire Friday morning, sending plumes of black smoke into the sky.

Rockdale firefighters had the fire under control by noon but were still extinguishing the remains of about 50 junked cars at the Newell Recycling center that went up in flames earlier around 10 a.m.

Employees at the businesses next to the yard - Action Tire Co. and Gas, Incorporated - continued to work as firefighters extinguished the blaze on the other side of the tree line.

Rockdale County Fire Division spokesperson Mike Lee said the fire had remained more than 300 feet away and that as long as firefighters could control it away from the businesses, he didn't think they had been objects of concern.

The fire was still being extinguished as of noon, so there was no determination of how or where it started.

About three engines and one ladder unit responded to the scene.