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Into the Deep Blue

Conyers resident William Murrain thinks about water more than your average person — and not just because he’s on the local Water and Sewerage Authority board.

Murrain has been scuba diving in the deep blue sea for more than 14 years. As a warm-water diver, he usually goes diving between the months of May and November mostly in the Caribbean, Sea of Cortez and Florida coast.

"Bottom line is it’s just for fun," says Murrain about his scuba diving adventures. "It’s a hobby and I also want to get involved to expose to young people to marine biology," said Murrain.

Murrain is the former president of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers, also known as NABS, which currently has a membership of approximately 2,500 and is open to all, and was recently certified as a marine surveyor to research, excavate, and map ship wrecks.

Lately, his swimming adventures include swimming with sharks — without a cage. It’s not dangerous, though, he reassures. His swimming is with nurse sharks off the coast of Jamaica. According to the International Shark Attack Files, nurse sharks are commonly found in tropical areas and have only accounted for 27 attacks on humans in the last 400 years, and 18 of those were considered "provoked" attacks.

A native of Panama, Murrain is a healthcare consultant and faculty member of the Morehouse School of Medicine. His seven children and wife are also divers.

Murrain’s next scuba diving trip is planned for May at the Florida Keys, which will be followed by another trip to the Latin American coast and Caribbean in June.

For in formation on The Atlanta Underwater Explorers chapter of the NABS, call 404-739-5438.

Local divers looking for a group to join can visit East Atlanta Divers, 10255 Industrial Blvd, Covington, 30014. The group can be found online at