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If you can't heat'em, join'em.

The weather forecasters are promising us a virtual heat wave this weekend. They say we might reach -- gasp! -- 50 degrees on Saturday. It seems downright bizarre to observe that it might be "warm enough" to go play in the snow.

Snow? What snow? No, you didn't sleep through a blizzard.

 Believe it or not, a snowy playground is as close as Stone Mountain Park's "Snow Mountain.''  Through Feb. 23, you can bundle up and enjoy what the park calls "five football fields of frosty fun and 20 lanes of snow tubing."

 You can hurtle down the mountain solo, or promote family togetherness like none other in a giant, family-size tube. The park also offers snowman building and something called a "snowball shoot.''


 And you can save $6 on tickets on Sundays.