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Honestly, justly, uprightly: Rockdale Bar members renew attorney's oath

Members of the Rockdale Bar Association and members of the Rockdale legal community renewed their commitment to serve "honestly, justly, uprightly" in an Attorney's Oath Renewal Ceremony Friday on the steps of the Rockdale County Courthouse.

The renewal of the oath, taken by all practicing Georgia attorneys, was administered by Rockdale County Superior Court Chief Judge David Irwin.

The following members renewed their oath:

Carrie Bootcheck
Michael Bootcheck
Laura French
Mo Talley
Michelle Charudhuri
Thua Barlay
Christopher Hempfling
Shirley Champa
State Court Judge Nancy Bills
TK Reed
Maureen Wood
William Todd
District Attorney Richard Reed
Tim Mcguire
Dabney Kentner
Daniel Partain
Michael Nation
Russ Moore IV
Russel Moore V
Superior Court Chief Judge David Irwin
Neal Ainsworth
Melinda Johnson
Sharon McGuire
Daniel Digby
Probate Court Judge Mays
Donna Swilley
Elizabeth Simpson
Sandra Bailry
Charlie Gasner
Public Defender Steven Purvis
Owen Humphries
Clifford Louis Kurlander
Roasmund Braunrot
Mary Catherine D'arcy
Lindsey Kurlander
Paul Stalcup
Fred White
Magistrate Court Judge Phina Aten
Jessica Stuart - Georgia Legal Aid
Errol Nichols
Pete Pearson
Sam Crowe
Gil Gainer
Mike Walker
Reggie Winfrey
Earnelle Winfrey
Otis Weldon
David Cousins
Derek Mendicino
Pat Moon