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Hometown boy goes Hollywood
Jake Tyroff and mom maybe

A private investigator, football player, stunt man and actor - Heritage alum Jaye Tyroff is anything but typical.

Tyroff, a Class of 2004 Heritage High School graduate and Oxford resident, has appeared in movies such as "The Blind Side," "We are Marshall" and the latest batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" and will be in the second installment of "The Hunger Games."

Despite working with big-named actors on big movie sets, Tyroff he's never been starstruck and sees acting as doing what he loves.

"They are just people," he said. "I love the experience and seeing what all goes behind movies... I have a lot of respect for actors, because it's long hours and not something everyone can do."

Acting had not been a lifelong dream for Tyroff, but it was more of something that fell into his lap after his high school football coach encouraged him to go to an open casting call for "We are Marshall."

"They needed football players, so I said, ‘Yeah, why not,'" he said. "They ended up handpicking me and 32 guys out of about 5,000."

Shortly after his first acting appearance in "We Are Marshall," Tyroff became involved in "The Blind Side," where he also played a football player and perform a key stunt in the movie.

"I really got involved in stunts in that movie; I guess you could say I’m a little bit of a thrill seeker,” he said.

In the movie and in Michael Oher’s key high school football game, Tyroff performed the stunt of player #66 who was thrown over a fence by Oher after taunting Oher throughout the game.

The stunt was originally casted for someone else, but after the previous stuntman suffered from several concussions, Tyroff took his place.

“We did that scene many times, but it gave me a rush,” he said.

Since then, Tyroff has appeared in several movies and TV shows including “The Watch” and “Necessary Roughness,” and when he is not hopping on the next plane to Hollywood, he’s playing arena football in Rome, or is a private investigator for a firm out of Texas.

“That’s my career (private investigator) and I do that full time, as for the rest, I do that as residual income,” he said.

As for taking time off to shoot movies, Tyroff said his employer is more than willing to give him the time.

“They love it; I give them a heads up a month in advance, and they say alright,” he said.

This year, Tyroff will play arena football in Dalton, along with be in major motion pictures “The Hunger Games” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson and “Motor City” starring Gerard Butler and Mickey Rourke.

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