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Holloway: Dont worry its my first time, too
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Yes, it's my first time, too. But don't worry, we can lose our fanboy World Cup virginities together. I promise I'll be gentle.

This will be my first time going all-in on watching the World Cup. In the past I'd just watch casually, mostly because I knew USA's chances of winning it all were slim. This resulted in me skimming over games or not watching because I had something more important to do like play Madden or NBA 2K.

Now I choose to watch as a fan of the sport. I'm going to try and watch as many games as possible. I'll focus on the big games featuring the stars of soccer, but I'll also watch a game just to watch.

I'm going to enjoy yelling "GOALLLLLLLLLL" - yes in all caps - as Cristiano Ronaldo spectacularly dribbles past a defender and puts one in the net. I'm going to enjoy seeing that, and you should, too.

I know we "Muricans" aren't huge fans of the world's most popular sport, but I think it's time we start paying more attention to it. The World Cup is one of few international events that the U.S. competes in and doesn't have a top-five chance of winning. Yes, that's a reason to watch. Rarely is the U.S. an underdog in anything, but we love a good underdog story, don't we?

Not only does it gives us the opportunity to unite as a nation for a common cause in rooting for OUR country, but it gives us the chance to learn about other cultures, something we all should do.

The World Cup is a spectacular event of Olympic level. There aren't many sports where you can say there's an actual world champion because they competed against some of the best countries in the world and came out the victor. FIFA is an exception in that matter.

Just a little over one week into the event and there has already been a number of highlight plays that'll make any sports fan lose their mind. In the Netherlands upset victory over Spain, one player received a great lob pass from just past midfield and put it in the net with a nasty header. You may not know what that means and that's okay, but doesn't that sound like a good time?

If you're a fan of dribbling in basketball, then it doesn't get much better than dribbling past a defender with an array of moves and netting one right past the goalie. It's like what Allen Iverson did to Tyronn Lue back in the day.

If you like football, American football that is, try watching a soccer player pass the ball from the corner as two players fight for position and the offensive player launches one at the net only to be denied by a great save from the goalkeeper.

And if you like baseball then you should realize that there are 162 games, which is way too many, and watch FIFA after or before MLB games.

And not that this could ever be the case, because Americans never do it, but maybe you should watch the World Cup just to get drunk and yell at your television.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - well, not really - but it only comes around every four years, and you don't want to look back a year or two from now knowing you had the chance to watch something great, and missed out because you weren't familiar or willing to watch and learn on the fly.