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Hole in the boat
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Dear Editor: There are major social issues happening in Rockdale County unlike ever before. It behooves us as a community to come together on both racial and political lines. There are some, unfortunately, who refuse to sit down with a Democrat or even sit down with a Republican to work on some of these pressing issues that will ultimately destroy our county. It isn't about political party; it's about maturity, and it's about Rockdale.

Chairman Richard Oden's MARTA idea brings with it three passengers named crime, garbage (bottles and debris) and dependency. If allowed to have his way in this venture, Chairman Oden would rapidly catapult Rockdale County into an immediate decline in property value, safety and security. This perfunctory way of thinking clearly steers contrary to what we as a county believe in navigating. In trying to sell this idea, he (Oden) has presented a pseudo-notion that this method of transportation would be beneficial financially to the county, (those who live in DeKalb disagree). Conversely, I counter his argument by saying that this idea would be disastrous to Rockdale. Moreover, Chairman Oden or MARTA hasn't furnished any proven facts that this venture would create tremendous wealth and jobs for the citizens of Rockdale County. When one is elected to public office, you're to listen intently to the concerns of your constituents. This means the public positions you take and your votes are supposed to mirror those in whom you represent. Democrats are homeowners too, Mr. Oden.

There are forces who wish to change this family-oriented county to a problem-filled social-dependent county, solely with the intent to pad political numbers. This would be to the detriment of the security of the county. We must never play party politics with the security of its people. And as your next chairman, I will personally continue to fight this clandestine movement, designed by both insiders of the county and outsiders, from happening even if I'm fighting, by myself.

Finally, those of you who attended the meeting given by the South Rockdale Civic Association in January of this year were unfortunately privy to a preponderance of obfuscations by the local Housing Authority. True leadership speaks with preciseness, honesty and clarity. It never speaks with ambiguity or presuppositions. As a former elected official and proud Blue Dog Democrat, no one ever had to guess where I stood on an issue because I'll always let you know. I don't subscribe to hidden agendas. If I'm with you, everyone will know it; if I'm against you, everyone will know that also.
Character and integrity is all you have in life. In essence, let your yes be your yes and your no be your no. I teach my children that no one can make you lose your integrity but you. I now ask for all Rockdale citizens - white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Libertarian, Democrat and Republican - to stand with me by being active and vigilant while we fight together to take back our county as we try and repair the hole in the boat, before we all sink together.

Brian L. Jenkins
Rockdale County