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Grant for Conyers Police Department
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: As I daily read the paper in many different locales throughout Georgia, I find a sad tale here in Conyers.

It begins with our own Conyers Police Department receiving from the Governors Office of Highway Safety $50,000 to train those who sell or serve alcohol. Please note that is your tax dollars to subsidize the liquor industry, one of the most lucrative industries in the history of mankind next to gold mining.

So why do our tax dollars go the way of the extinct Passenger pigeon, never to be seen again? Well, look no further than the slick lobbyists for the Georgia liquor industry and local politicians willing to spend hard earned dollars on willy nilly projects.

Really! We will spend more than $250 per person on this worthless project, that is if they can round up 200 people to sit through their program. We all know that servers are constantly changing jobs and how many will still be here or in establishments involved with alcohol.

Why not require the liquor industry do this with their massive return on sales? Even those who generate our electrical power, necessary for modern life to even exist, have to pay for upgrades to cleaner air.

All this spending of our tax dollars is done under the guise of public safety. What a load of fresh barnyard waste. If public safety was really the cause, this would be at the bottom of the list. All we are doing is throwing tax dollars at a serious and potentially often deadly problem with no concern how effective the dollars could be better employed.

If this is the best our local CPD can do with it, I recommend we all buy Volvos and wear football helmets and better protect ourselves.

My recommendation to our local lawmakers is grow some spine and go get these dollars spent from the liquor industry, not us poor saps sitting in a kiddie pool waiting to get dunked again.

Don Meyer