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Get sun-kissed at Golden Bliss
Even though snowflakes might be floating through the air, bathing suit season is right around the corner. With its grand re-opening, Golden Bliss Tans is ready for the rush of people looking to work on their tans before baring their arms and legs.

"Everyone wants to get a base tan," said manager Brittany Hull. "Even on the day that it was snowing, we still had several customers."

The store had opened in the same location about a year ago but had not had much luck with its "scan-a-tan" card swipe payment method. When they recently reopened about a month ago, they did away with the old method and instead offered tanning packages, including having an unlimited number of visits, for $40 or $70 a month, depending on the bed.

"Just in this month, we've done so much better than when we had scan-a-tan," said Hull. Of the package deals, she said, "This is able to give people so much more every time they come."

Located at 13015 Brown Bridge Road in Covington, next to the Mattress Smart store which is owned by the same company, the salon offers 10 beds - including beds with facial tanning and a stand-up booth bed.

First time clients also have a free first tan and the chance to try beds out before purchasing a package. Tanning bulbs are changed every 800 hours, compared to the typical 1,000 hour change, the beds are cleaned after each visit and eye care is provided for each customer, said Tanning Director Crystal Harper.
Golden Bliss also offers discounts for college students and a "Product of the Week" in which a featured product is marked down 40 percent from its retail price.

For more information, call 770) 787-9465.