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Garden of the Week: A passion for plants
Bob and Faye Kelley both agree that working out in the yard is good therapy. Joking, Bob states, "When I was working, I could go and take care of everyone of my enemies and they would never know about it," meaning that he receives a mental release from the work he does in his yard. Bob and Faye are also satisfied with the end result; either they have something nice to look at or some fine vegetables to eat.

"My mother had a little bit of a green thumb. She would get a hoe and a butcher knife to dig a hole and throw something in the ground," said Bob. He also shared that anything his mother planted would grow. Bob and Faye went a little further from throwing a plant in the ground and watching it grow. They both took classes at the extension office to become master gardeners.

To become master gardeners, the couple took around six weeks of training at the county extension office off of Parker Bridge Road. While there, they also answered phones, helping people with questions about dirt, flowers, insects, and other outdoor garden questions.

When it comes to giving advice to beginning gardeners, Faye says enjoying gardening is a must. Bob adds that it is helpful to have dirt tested in order to see what will grow in a certain area. "I think the main thing is to get the soil tested... the extension office has instructions. Dig a little hole throughout the yard, in about 7 to 10 different places, take the dirt from the very bottom, mix it all together, put it in a bag and the extension office will send it off to the University of Georgia. In a few weeks you will get a report that tells you what kind of dirt you have and what can be planted where; it really helps the end result."

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