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Garden delights
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The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are already kind of magical for a chick like me who loves her some flowers. But even when there aren’t that many blooming in the gardens, it’s still fun to see a giant spot of green smack dab in the middle of Atlanta. And right now, if the magic of the gardens doesn’t make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world, then you have a heart of stone. Unicorns, snakes, characters from classic children’s books, hairy dogs and tiny bunnies – you name it, they have it – and it’s all made from plants. Scattered around the garden you have small animals, large animals, animals that you can walk under or through and, the pièce de résistance, a 25-foot-tall green goddess, rising as if from the earth in the Cascades Garden. I know it’s hot outside, and all you want to do is fall asleep under a tree, but a great thing about the gardens is that it has a natural canopy of living shade to keep you a couple degrees cooler than you would be normally be this time of year. Bonus! 

Price: $12.95-$18.95

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