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Free Speech
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In our country the first amendment to the constitution guarantees the freedom of speech. As journalists, we will defend this right until our last issue is
printed and the ink has dried.

Over the years to our knowledge no one has been punished or jailed for that free speech, unless it was used to cause some sort of civil disobedience.
That is why we are amazed and taken back by the sometimes-violent anonymous verbal attacks on recently elected Rockdale County Chair Richard Oden and other local politicians.

When you become an elected official and you take your time to do your civic duty, you open yourself up to public scrutiny. The politician accepts that because it goes with the job. However, even a politician is entitled to know who the attacker is.

That is why we think it is cowardly to hide behind polls and petitions that allow you to anonymously voice your opinions against anyone.

If you disagree with Chairman Oden's policies or anyone else's opinions, you have every right to say so, but be prepared to sign your name to any disagreement you have and be prepared to identify yourself.

You have that freedom and nobody is going to punish you for it, they may disagree and they might offer their comments about your thoughts, but at least it's an open dialogue.

We believe hiding behind a secret anything in order to spout your views is cowardly and disgraceful.