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Fraternization, drinking lead to RCA CEO downfall
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Former Rockdale Career Academy CEO Tim Melvin resigned after he admitted to drinking heavily and engaging in a "public display of affection" with one of his subordinates in front of other subordinates, according to documents from an administrative investigation obtained by the News under the Open Records Act.

An administrative investigative report by the Rockdale County Public School system recommended that Melvin be "terminated for unprofessional conduct and for rendering himself ineffective as a supervisor/evaluator of his employees." Melvin had been reportedly warned twice in the past by his supervisor about the appearance of improper relationships and fraternization.

Melvin, who had been CEO of the RCA since 2005, had gone out with other RCA teachers to Las Flores and then to the bar the Renaissance Pointe afterwards on the evening of Friday, Jan. 29.

Over the course of the night, Melvin bought drinks for members of the group, possibly including a subordinate who was a recovering alcoholic. At one point, there was also a public display of affection between Melvin and a female science teacher.

"I do not believe there was any public display of affection (but cannot certify that to be the case)," wrote Melvin in his statement for the investigation.

Interviews with other participants, whose names were redacted, stated there was "a good deal of inappropriate behavior between Mr. Melvin and (the female teacher), including kissing, fondling."

Melvin and the female teacher reportedly left the bar around midnight. Melvin described her as "intoxicated and not capable of driving herself home" and stated he drove her to the Holiday Inn and checked her in. "I talked with her a while and went home."

The next morning, Melvin returned to the hotel, where the female teacher reported she was missing her purse. He drove her back to the Pointe and then dropped her off at the library so she could wait until the Pointe was open. Melvin then went to the RCA where he learned the female teacher's mother had called wondering where she was. He then went back to the library, where he later said he found her walking by the side of the road, and brought her back to the RCA to work until 5 p.m. He brought her back to the Pointe again but no one had turned in her purse or keys. He then checked her into the Holiday Inn again and her husband reportedly picked her up the next day on Sunday.

Melvin resigned following a March 1 hearing, effective Feb. 23, and assistant principal Miki Edwards was named interim CEO on March 1.

RCPS spokesperson Cindy Ball declined to comment on the status of the female science teacher.

Melvin had reportedly earned a salary of about $87,000 in the 2006-2007 year. The Virginia Military Institute graduate and Army officer had previously been a program leader at the Secondary Technical Center in Garden City and been an assistant principal and middle school teacher in Garden City.