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False bomb threat clears Wal Mart on Saturday night
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The Wal Mart in Conyers was evacuated late Saturday night, April 17, after a suspect called in a bomb threat that turned out to be false.

According to Conyers Police reports, a Wal Mart employee with the photo department received a call around 11:30 p.m. with the threat of a bomb.

The employee then notified the night manager, who called the police. Customers and employees were evacuated from the store.
"A search of the store was conducted and no suspicious packages were located or seen," wrote an officer in the report.

The store was reopened and the night manager was advised to ask employees to look in their departments and if any packages or things looked suspicious or out of place, to call the police department.

This is not the first false bomb threat that was called in at Wal Mart. The most recent incident took place on December 28, in which one customer complained of a broken arm from falling during the evacuation.