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Elections board to meet with legislators
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IN BRIEF: After much discussion Tuesday during the second regular meeting of the newly appointed elections board, members decided to wait until their meeting with the Rockdale legislative delegates to hammer out the main sticking point - how to fill the at large seat.

The board also agreed to send a letter to the legislators, instead of passing a resolution, with the proposed changes to the bylaws and to the enabling act.

The date of the meeting with legislators has yet to be determined.

During the elections board meeting, Holly Bowie, with the office of elections board attorney Terry Massey, reported various ways other counties had addressed the same problem. One option was to bring the choice to the superior court judge. The board would name specified number of candidates

In public comments made throughout the meeting, RJ Hadley, vice chair of the Rockdale Democratic Party, pointed out the Republican replacement was the husband of the previous Republican member and implored the board not to be of the same mindset as the previous board.

Board member Jonny Brown, husband of previous Republican member Lynn Brown, replied, "I have no intention of going before Judge Nation... Me and Ms. Dix will come to an agreement" on the third member.

The application for the third, at large seat is open until the end of December. Elections Supervisor Cynthia Welch said there were two applicants so far.