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Editorial: Prom season
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This is the time of year that our precious children get a chance to celebrate life in a special way that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Many of our children will be going to their first prom, or special dance, with their special someone. Since many young people aren’t reading these words, we are directing these comments to parents and grandparents.

Remember how your prom was? If you were like many teens in those great days, we are sure there was some kind of booze consumed; if not, thanks for being so pure.

Our point is, have the talk, whether you think your child is the perfect angel or not. Tell your child that, if by chance they were having too much fun and are looking at having to drive home in a less than safe state, you will be glad to pick them up anywhere – no questions asked.

Tell them that if they might end up with someone or a group that chooses to break the law, to call you.

We want our Rockdale children to have fond memories of their prom, not tragic ones or ones that end up in the court system. Make sure they understand that you were young once and you want to make sure that they have the same conversation with their children when the time comes.

Send pictures of your children dressed up for the ball to and we will be glad to run them in our digital Wednesday paper.