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Editorial: Probate Judge
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For years the position of probate judge was filled admirably by Lillis Brown. 

Then, she was voted out of office for one reason only, and that was because she had an “R” behind her name instead of a “D.”

It’s more than OK to vote for people because of what party they belong to. What is not right is to vote for someone because of their party affiliation without first vetting their past experience and their abilities to do the job. That was obviously not the case in regards to the election of Charles K. Mays, Sr. as probate judge.

The sad part of the personal shenanigans that is going on involving Mays is that it is tarnishing the trusted position he was elected to.

The probate judge position is one of the constitutional officers of this county. The other two constitutional officers are Clerk of Court Ruth Wilson and Sheriff Eric Levett, who both have proven to be excellent examples of what their position entails.

We have suggested in past editorials that Judge Mays take a leave of absence.

 His continued work as our county’s probate judge at this time is an embarrassment to the citizens of this county. 

He’s not worthy of his position, and his election in the first place should be a lesson to those who vote without knowing whom they vote for.