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Eastminster exceeds fundraising goal, open next year
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The Eastminster School community is celebrating this week after it exceeded the its fundraising goal by a whopping $50,000 and ensured the school's continuation next year.

In order to maintain operational standards, Eastminster School in Conyers had to raise an annual fund of $197,000 and a minimum of 120 student contracts by May 16 as instructed by the Board of Directors.

It was able to raise the goal amount by Thursday, May 15. "Then the other $50,000 came in," wrote Acting Headmaster Sue Troff. "The gratifying thing is that our parents never wavered. They were the ones that made things happen! Lots of networking among parents and lots of prayers lifted up in the name of Eastminster School!" wrote Troff,

The annual fund is a fluctuating amount of money and is raised every year to supply faculty pay, maintain the campus and purchase supplies. This year, the school hit a financial crunch, but through it all the school's headmaster Sue Troff remained positive and encouraged by the support of the community.

"This is our moment where we all sat down and pulled together," said Troff on Wednesday.

Pulling together has paid off. As of May 17, the school has raised $247,000 and 120 student contracts. Troff pointed out there are still families with kindergarteners coming in.

Founded in 2004, the 501(c)(3) institution started small, offering elementary grade classes, and has grown to its current K-12 education with 137 students. Each year the school continues to rank at the top one percent nationally from the Iowa Test of Basic Skill results, and this year it generated an inaugural senior class whose scholarship offerings succeeded $700,000.

Unlike many private schools in the Atlanta area, Eastminster has not benefitted from a single benefactor supplying great funds, but it is largely the parents, friends and families of the community that continues to support its efforts.
Eastminster offers an intimate learning environment where children can take part in field trips, plays, concerts and foreign language opportunities.

Troff said, "The uniqueness of who we are-people who focus on educational excellence are the people who recognize what we do."


Michelle Kim contributed to this article.