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Drive-by shooting at shopping center on Ga. 138
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The Payless Shoe Store on Highway 138 was the victim of a drive-by shooting on the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 26.

Taquanwanna Johnson was a witness at the scene. She reported that at about 5:45 that afternoon an older woman ran into the store, protectively clutching a small child. At the same time, Johnson reported hearing shots being fired outside the store. Johnson claimed she then ran towards the back of the store and could not get a look at the assailants, but was certain she heard six shots fired.

Johnson spoke with the older woman, who reported that the vehicles had pursued her from the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot, and that the vehicles were a silver Hyundai Sonata and a white Cadillac. The older woman left the scene before officers could respond, and Johnson was unable to get her name or contact information.

Witnesses in other stores matched the description of the vehicles, and reported generally the same number of shots fired. Those who saw the vehicles all reported they were moving extremely fast.

Video footage of the vehicles was obtained from the Burlington Coat Factory and from Mindy’s Nail and Spa. The footage revealed the driver of the first vehicle to be a black male, and that there were 3-4 occupants in the second vehicle.

Several .40 caliber Smith and Wesson shell casings were recovered, and photographs were taken of the damage to shattered windows and bullet holes in the buildings.

There are no suspects at this time.