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Dickerson: A legislative wrap-up
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Amazing, frantic, daunting, overwhelming and finally, simply wonderful — these are the words that describe my first legislative session. I would like to thank the voters of District 95 for giving me an opportunity to serve and address the needs of this great district. There were challenges, but I hope we can continue to strive for the betterment of this district.

I had the opportunity to serve on three committees: Children and Youth; Game, Fish and Parks; and State Planning and Community Affairs. I was also selected by the Speaker’s Office to participate in the 2011 Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute.

During the 2011 General Assembly, each chamber addressed key issues such as education, tax reform, water, environment and the highly contentious immigration bill. Many of these bills were debated for several hours. It was interesting to observe and participate in the dialog of a house bill. The process was sometimes simple, fast, easy and complicated.

The governor has begun to sign bills that were passed by the legislators and we will see more come into effect July 1.
Examples are below:

HB 265: 2011 special council on criminal justice reform for Georgians; joint committee

HB 232: lobbyists; commission salesperson not required

HB 326: hope program; comprehensive revisions

HB 47: House Bill 47 literally unwinds decades' worth of consumer work to provide basic women's health care coverage under insurance policies, including pap smears, mammograms, screenings for ovarian cancer and coverage of the most widely prescribed medicine — birth control. At the same time, the measure will cut off coverage for dependent cancer treatment.

This summer, beginning August 15, the legislators will convene a special session. We will be redrawing the lines for all Congressional, House, and Senate seats and most local district seats. This process will take approximately two weeks, but will be two intensive and comprehensive weeks. I look forward to this summer session and also continuing to serving the constituents of District 95.

Rep. Pam Dickerson represents District 95. She can be reached by phone at 678-480-8924 or by e-mail at