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Crime brief: Bleach poured in family fight
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A Conyers woman went to jail last week on assault charges after allegedly attacking her sister and pouring bleach on her clothing following an argument over disciplining the woman's child.

Anastasia Arterberry, 20, of 3715 Sweet Briar Court, was jailed Jan. 16 after a witness reported three woman were arguing in the street in front of the family's Honey Creek-area home around noon. According to the arrest report, Arterberry was standing on top of the family's car with a large stick when deputies arrived. The suspect's 22-year-old sister reported that the altercation began after she confronted Arterberry about "popping" Arterberry's 3-year-old daughter. 

Arterberry said she had become angry after her sister left the residence with Arterberry's cell phone to pick up the sibling's mother from work. When the sister and mother returned home, Arterberry and the sister got into a physical altercation after the sister discovered bleach had been poured on clothing and the floor in her room. She reported at that time Arterberry came towards her with a butcher knife and a golf club, both of which were wrestled away from the suspect. Arterberry also allegedly busted a window in her sister's room while she dousing the clothing with bleach.

Arterberry was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated assault - one each for the knife, golf club and wooden limb/stick - and two counts of criminal trespass for the damage to the window and her sister's clothing.