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Cranberry sauce from scratch
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The first step in preparing your meal is cleaning your fresh vegetables. To sanitize vegetables and fruits try spritzing them with a mixture of vinegar and water. Try three cups of cold water and one cup of vinegar, and make sure you rinse well with cold water to eliminate the taste of vinegar. For an added measure of cleanliness, you can chop off the end, stem, or blossom of the vegetables where the majority of the bacteria and dirt gathers.

Cranberry Sauce From Scratch
For a fresh cranberry sauce, grab four cups of cranberry. Simply wash your berries, bring a cup of water and a cup of sugar to a boil, toss in your cranberries and simmer until they burst. You can some add recently picked pecans or some orange zest for extra flavor. You can also stock up on carrots, butter, and parsley to create healthy sautéed carrots. Clean, peel, and slice two pounds of carrots and cook for ten minutes in water, adding salt and pepper for taste. Sauté in butter and top with parsley, or the spice of your choice. Bakers can also rejoice in fresh fruit for their famous holiday pies.