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Crafts galore

Ahhh, the Yellow Daisy Festival. I remember my mom forcing me to go to this nearly every year when I was a teenager. She used the standard “when you are living under my roof!” line that every parent uses at one point or another. I loathed the festival, but now that I am in my 30s the idea of these festivals appeal to me. I guess someone should formally induct me into some club that gives out Sara Lee pound cakes and recipe exchange newsletters for hitting an age when festivals that once seemed beyond lame, now don’t sound too bad. But despite my wishy-washy thoughts on it, the Yellow Daisy Festival has been around forever and they are mentioned (positively) in just about every magazine that talks about arts and crafts shows. It’s usually pretty warm outside still, so be prepared to walk (since everyone and their mother will be there) and sweat. But they always have cute things, and if you dig crafts, there are literally hundreds (like 400) vendors there. They also have live entertainment – I have vague memories of eating grilled corn while sweating and watching a hillbilly band on stage when I was younger – and a children’s area. Plus plenty of venders with water – which you’ll likely need. The festival starts today and runs through Sunday, so you’ve got time to get to Stone Mountain. Wear walking shoes if you know what’s good for you.

Price: Admission is FREE, but parking is $10 for a day.