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County's interim Chief of Staff to resign
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Rockdale County's interim chief of staff recently turned in her resignation after about two months in the role.

In her letter of resignation, which was dated Nov. 25, Legal Affairs Manager Holly Bowie said she was leaving for another position with the Massey Law Firm, based in Conyers.

“It has been a privilege to serve this organization and the citizens of Rockdale County for the past 10 years,” said Bowie, in a released statement.  “I am excited about taking on new challenges and returning to the private sector.”

County spokesperson Holly Lafontaine said the county would not be immediately posting for the legal affairs manager position but would expedite the search for a chief of staff and procurement officer. The duties for legal affairs manager would be divided among the existing BOC staff for now.

“As soon as the best candidate for the position and the organization has been identified an offer will be made,” said BOC Chairman Richard Oden.  “If all goes well, the Board may make an offer before the end of the year.”

Bowie, who received a salary of about $58,904, took on the duties of interim chief of staff after former Chief of Staff R.J. Hadley left the position at the beginning of October to campaign on the Democratic ticket for the federal Senate seat.

Her resignation comes about a month after Michael Smith, manager of special projects in the General Services and Engineering (GS&E) Department, also left for an offer in the private sector.  The projects he oversaw, which included the renovation of the Nancy Guinn Library, were divided up among the GS&E staff, according to Lafontaine. The majority of his responsiblities went to Andrew Hammer, formerly of the Capital and Community Improvements branch that was recently merged with GS&E.