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County implements hiring freeze
Budget still $3 mill over
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The county announced late Friday afternoon a hiring freeze on open positions under the Commission chair's jurisdiction in anticipation of a budget shortfall.

In an effort to reduce Rockdale County government expenditures, a statement released said Chairman Richard Oden is implementing a hiring moratorium on all open positions in departments under his jurisdiction.

Exempt from the hiring freeze are positions critical to protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public and vacant department director positions. Beyond those exemptions, no positions will be filled in departments that report to him unless it can be shown that failure to fill a position will severely hinder the ability to serve to the public.

The hiring freeze is one of steps the county is taking to address an anticipated budget shortfall.

Earlier this year, the Board of Commissioners reduced by more than $1 million the 2009 general fund budget adopted in December by the previous administration. The amended budget of $54.9 million is still $3 million over 2009 anticipated revenues. Adding to the budget problem is that the cost of staffing the voter-approved fire station additions and jail expansion has added approximately $2 million to the County's personnel budget.

The Chairman has directed staff to continue to look for ways to reduce spending, including giving consideration to furloughs.