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Costley Mill Road home blaze caused by lightning strike
6 homes struck, one person struck through phone
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The storm on Monday evening caused damage throughout the county, keeping the Fire and Rescue department tied up for hours.

About six homes were struck, with two of them suffering minor fires or burns. One home, on Costley Mill Road, was completely lost to fire. One injury was also reported from a woman who was on a landline phone when lightning struck, according to Rockdale County Fire and Rescue Department Deputy Chief Mike Lee. That person was treated by emergency medical personnel and taken to the hospital.

No one was in the house on Costley Mill at the time of the fire, although there were reportedly residents living there. Firefighters found the house already fully engulfed in flames when they arrived and were on the scene for about three hours. Assistance was provided from Walton County in the form of a water truck.

The department handled about 13 calls in 2.5 hours, and all the units were occupied for about two hours. Assistance for the southside was requested from Henry County, but Henry was also busy and was unable to assist.

"Generally when a storm comes through, generally we'll get either north side or south side. This particular storm, we were spread out all over the county," said Lee.

The National Weather Service reported about 500 lighting strikes touching the ground in the Rockdale County area during that time, said Lee.