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Conyers Sunday alcohol sales vote tabled
City aiming to not hold election in November
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IN BRIEF: The city of Conyers decided to postpone a referrendum on Sunday retail alcohol sales that was initally proposed for November in order to save about $6,000. It also paves the way for the city to not hold an election this fall.

The ordinance to have the referrendum along with the city council elections was initially on the agenda for the Conyers city council Wednesday night.

However, since there is only one candidate and no opposition for each of the three city council seats up for election, the city has the option of not holding the election, as long as there are no ballot questions, for a savings of about $6,000.

The candidates that qualified are incumbent Vince Evans for District 2 Post 2, incumbent Gerald Hinesly for District 3, and electoral newcomer Dr. John Fountain for District 4. Incumbent District 4 Councilman Marty Jones said he would not be running for reelection.

Write-in candidates have the option of submitting an affidavit to city Clerk Pat Smith by Friday and submitting necessary paperwork by the next Friday, according to Elections Supervisor Cynthia Welch.

City council voted unanimously to decline the referrendum for fall. The city may still look at putting the question along with the presidential primary ballot in spring 2012.

City Manager Tony Lucas said earlier there was also a concern that with a low turnout, the outcome of the ballot initiative could be later easily challenged in court.

Lucas said of the three local, non-chain businesses that sell retail distilled spirits in the Conyers city limits - a package store on Ga. Highway 138 south near Taco Bell, a package store on West Avenue, and Sigman Bottle Shop on Sigman Ave. - two had said they were not opposed to having Sunday alcohol sales.