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Conyers man fakes identity when pulled over
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Officers with the Conyers Police Department charged a Conyers man April 25 with giving a false name and driving while unlicensed after he pretended to be two people-one a female-when pulled over an officer.

According to the incident report, the officer pulled over a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo after the driver failed to stop at the stop sign when turning off College Avenue onto Milstead Avenue. When the officer approached the car, he reported seeing young child who was riding in the car without a car seat.
When the officer asked the driver for identification, the driver said he did not have one, but gave the officer vehicle information with a woman's name on it. The officer asked the driver if his name was the name on the paperwork and he said yes. The driver also told the officer that he did not understand English.
The officer called Conyers Communications and requested a translator, who was able to relay questions and answers between the officer and the driver. The translator was able to get a birth date and address from the driver, who said he had lived in Conyers for two months. The information later turned out to be false.

The officer continued to question the driver and asked him to write his name. The driver wrote the name Laodet Rayez Ramos. The driver was arrested and transported to the Rockdale County Jail. However, after being fingerprinted, he was identified as Eucario Ortega Rivadeneyra, and it was discovered there was a warrant in Rockdale County for his arrest for failing to appear on a forgery in the 1st degree charge.

The officer secured and served warrants for Rivadeneyra for giving a false name and date of birth, driving while unlicensed, failure to stop at a stop sign and for not having a child restraint.