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Convicted murderer Lanny Barnes dies in prison
Victims' family members demonstrate at funeral
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Lanny Perry Barnes, the man convicted of killing 2-year-old Avery Nicole King in 2006, died June 24 at Augusta State Medical Prison - nearly three years to the day when the attack on the Casola and King families took place outside the McDonald's restaurant on U.S, Highway 278.

Barnes was charged in King's death, as well as causing injuries to Stephanie Casola - the child's aunt, and her two children, Isaac and a Jacob and King's mother Anita, who was pregnant at the time of the attack. Witnesses said that Barnes smiled and laughed as he struck the family and proceeded to run over them several times.

Shortly after his arrest, 49-year-old Barnes was transported from the Newton County Jail to Newton Medical Center and then to Emory University Hospital. It was later revealed that Barnes was in the late stages of leukemia.

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