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Company debunks FEMA coffin conspiracy theories
How-a-vantage-lining-works-IMG 9960
The Vantage company produces plastic covers that protect caskets and prevent graves from caving in. - photo by Danielle Everson

The black plastic cases stored by Covington-based Vantage Products in  Covington, near Conyers and Madison have been the focus of intense speculation and conspiracy theories ranging from coffins issued by FEMA to the CDC. But funeral home director and owner  Scot Ward explained those plastic cases are used to protect caskets from water and the elements.

"Many cemetaries require an outer burial container, commonly called burial vaults," said Ward. "They are required to protect the integrity of the ground above them. Without them, a casket would collapse and a grave would sink."

Vantage reprepresentatives Mike Lacy, VP of operations, and Lisa Barlow, Director of Sales and Marketing, explained the burial vaults are sold ahead of time and stored, rather than putting the customer's money into a trust fund, to save money and ensure against inflation.

"It’s the old adage that things never get cheaper," said Lacy. "There are situations where people have purchased pre-needs and died 20 years later and they come up and say we’re sorry but the money you paid before won’t cover the funeral expenses." By purchasing and storing the item, customers can make sure they have what they need and pay a cheaper price than if the item were purchased later.

"It’s really very simple," he said. "But I think some people want to have a little drama in their life. We’re a legitimate business and we’re here to serve people."