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Closed forums
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Dear Editor: Today I express my shock and dismay at the attendance of Chairman Oden and Commissioner Nesbitt at the recent Town hall meeting on the National Health care bill here in Conyers Aug. 27.

This meeting was by invitation only to the selected Democratic Party members and was touted as a Town Hall meeting.

We in Rockdale County have never witnessed such a blatant travesty of our American way of government as this.

You have a U.S. Congressman coming to his district to hear from his constituents and he only invites primarily black voters and elected officials and meet at a black church. How would the NAACP react if this had been primarily Blacks locked out?

This is outrageous behavior for a U.S. Congressman. Further the local Democratic Party just assumed how those who are opposed to this proposed bill would conduct themselves. Mr. Stanley Williams needs to attend extended diversity classes at his own expense for such behavior. He has placed all opponents in this issue as less than qualified to make decisions and express them publicly. Do these black leaders prefer the methods of Dictator Chavez in Venezuela who removes all opposition speech? And to add insult to the remainder of us who were locked out of our own time honored and legal method of redress this is billed as a exchange of views between Supporters and Opponents as headlined by the Rockdale News.

And to add even further insult is the complicity by the new startup paper in Rockdale County to bill this as a true Town Hall meeting to appease the local officials and to try and win favor to get the county's business.

This kind of journalism is being played out on the National stage, but we here in this county will put you on the road back to where you came from if this is your form of American journalism.

As the Representative of Homeowners For Better Government we formally request that each of you before your true constituents, the press and the cameras issue a personal apology to all of Rockdale county both Black and white for this gross misconduct.
Mr. Nesbitt has stated at great length at many occasions he wants to assure the voters he is his own man: the time is now and the cameras are rolling.

Your choice today will decide your future here in Rockdale for all the days that follow.

Choose your words wisely as they will haunt you as reelection rolls around.

Thank you for not locking me out today.

Editor's Note: The Sept. 5 article, "Local health care debate heats up" referred to the event organized by the Rockdale County Democratic Party as a "closed, invitation-only forum," not a town hall. The event was not a town hall event since it was not open to the public. The article went on to describe activities around the health care reform issue on multiple sides as information was available at press time.